The Government of the Saratov region discussed the practical part of the project of the plant of mineral fertilizers in Gorny

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The Government of the Saratov region discussed the practical part of the project of the plant of mineral fertilizers in Gorny 15.08.2018 15:03

The project on the organization in the Mining plant of mineral fertilizers is of great socio-economic importance, so it will be strongly supported by the regional authorities. This was during a meeting with investors – the leadership of the Russian NCE "Platex" and the Chinese company "Wuhuan" said the Governor Valery Radaev. The meeting was held on Wednesday in the regional Government, discussed the practical part of the project. 

"Given that the share of agriculture in GRP is 20%, nitrogen fertilizers will be in demand in our territory. Moreover, the plant's products will go to neighboring regions and for export. For the regional budget - this is additional income. And the annual tax deductions of 400 million rubles – a serious contribution to the economy of the region", – said the Governor. 

Valery Radaev called the issues of environmental safety an important aspect. 

"We will deal with the production of a complete closed cycle, which eliminates environmental pollution. At the stage of preliminary negotiations with the investor, public hearings were held, at which the residents of the district unanimously approved the project, linking great prospects with it," the head of the region said. 

Another advantage of the project was the preservation of the city-forming enterprise and a team of more than 800 people. 

"The integral components of any new enterprise are modern technologies, safe working conditions, full-fledged infrastructure and high social responsibility of business. Regional authorities are ready to be your reliable partner in each of these areas. I am sure that together we will be able to do a lot of useful things for the residents of the Krasnopartizan district, their children and the next generations," the head of the region said. The Governor thanked the participants of the meeting for their cooperation. 

Readiness for implementation of the project said General Director SPK "the Mountain" Evgenie Vaulin. He thanked the leadership of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and the Saratov region for the comprehensive support planned. It was stressed that currently there are works on land surveying for future production, issues related to the design are being resolved. 

"Our Chinese partners – the company "Wuhuan" – will act as the General contractor and investor of this project. The total volume of investments is over $ 1 billion. The total turnover is $ 600 million. The project will accumulate large funds in the budget, which will have a positive impact on the economy of the region", – said Evgeny Vaulin. 

CEO of "Wuhuan" in Russia Leo Chang noted that the company is the largest producer of mineral fertilizers in China, it is about 60 years on the market. He added that good conditions have been created for the implementation of the plans and thanked the regional Government for its support in promoting the project. 

Following the meeting, Governor Valery Radaev stressed the following: 

"The points of view are clear, we are moving forward in the designated position – together with investors, together with the municipal authorities, because it has the most direct interest." 

During the meeting Valery Radaev, Evgeny Vaulin, Leo Chang signed an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of the project.