Group of Companies "Azov-Don Shipping Company" expressed interest in transportation of finished products by river transport and transshipment to the Port Kavkaz roadstead.

JSC "Russian Railways" confirmed the possibility of transporting finished products in the required volumes.

PJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port" expressed interest in transshipment of finished products



1. The internal haulage and transportation of out-of-gauge cargoes are ensured: - by railway service (via the cargo station Rukopol (station code 62750) and cargo station Pugachevsk (station code 62770) of the Volga Region railroad; - by truck haulage (on the well-developed network of motor roads); - by river transport along the Volga River (via the cargo ports located in the city of Balakovo, the city of Volsk and the city of Saratov). All the ports have a well-developed infrastructure and serve such large enterprises as the Balakovskaya Nuclear Power Plant, “Severstal - Rolled Section Manufacturing Plant Balokovo” integrated iron and steel works and other large industrial enterprises of the region.

2. Products haulage to the foreign market shall be possible:

- by railway service taking into account:

а) construction of the new “North-South” transportation corridor passing through the Saratov region and opening on the Iranian Bender-Abbas and Bender-Khomeini ports of the Persian Gulf;

b) construction of the “New Silk Road” transportation route opening on the China border and the EU member states;

- by truck haulage; - by river transport along the Volga River (coming into the Caspian Sea) and by sea through the Volga-Don Ship Canal to the Caucasus, Temryuk, Novorossiysk, Tuapse marine cargo ports of the Black Sea. The navigation period there is from 230 to 250 days per year, non-recurrent transport capacity of a tug loaded with a railroad train varies from 5000 to 18000 tons.  The all year round transshipment of the products is possible in the harbor of the Caucasus port (in the Black Sea) to a vessel of deep-draft (16 meters) and of large displacement (260 meters long and 46 meters wide).

3.Ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate and other products made on their basis shall be shipped by railway service, by truck haulage and by river transport in bulk, in tanks, in containers (using “Liner bag” inserts) and packaged in bags (of 1 to 50 kg) and big gags (of 500 to 2000 kg).